About Imam Hussain

Who is Imam Hussain (a.s)?

  1. The Son of Fatima Al Zahra, daughter of the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed Ibn Abdullah
  2. The Son of Ali Ibn Abu Talib, the leader of the Faithful, the first believer in Islam, the bravest in God’s path, the most just in his judgements and the fairest with his people
  3. Many Quranic verses have been revealed to praise, tribute and describe his illustrious status
  4. The Prophet of Allah has showed his sincere love to him and his brother Imam Hassan in many events
  5. Many narrations from the Prophet about him and his brother Hassan have illuminated their status in this world and the hereafter
  6. Loving him has been made a compulsory deed in God’s religion, as Allah said:

    “Say (O Mohammed, unto mankind): I ask you no fee therefore except loving kindness towards my kinsfolk {42:23 Holy Qur’an}

  7. Because Hussein is of the Prophet’s progeny, saluting him 9 times every day and night is compulsory upon every Muslim, which is the number of times we salute Mohammed in our daily prayers.

The tragedy of Hussain (a.s)

Despite the great personality that Hussein was, the tragedy that followed is incomparable to any other throughout human history.  A brief summary of the tragedy goes as follows:

  • He and his family, children and companions were prohibited from drinking water.
  • His tents were burnt
  • His children were killed, including his infant child when he was taken to get some water after his mum was empty of breast milk due to the lack of water. A welter occurred in the enemy’s army; some thought he should be given some water whilst others said that none should be spared in the household of Hussein. The argument was only ended by an arrow coming from the army, piercing the infant child and ending his short life.
  • They killed all his companions and sons
  • That was not enough for them, so they darted him with stones, arrows and spears. They attacked him with swords until he fell down on the ground from the top of his horse. Despite him being the son of the Holy Prophets daughter, one person dared to sit on his chest, and cut off his head.
  • His head was cut in front of many people who were claiming to be Muslims
  • When his head was carried on the top of a long spear, all of them said “Allahu Akbar” Allah is the greatest (note how similar today is to the days which have passed)
  • His holy body was then trampled on with the horses of the enemy’s army
  • What was worse was the way in which the remaining women and children were treated when they were taken captive as prisoners from one city to another.
  • If there was no fear of public revolt, Yazeed and his army would have committed even more crimes.

How Hussein treated his enemies

This is a lesson that every human can take from this great personality.

On top of all which has been mentioned about Hussein, the opposing army also saw the greatness of Hussein themselves.

Hussein knew the intentions of the army of 1,000 knights who had come in the night to kill him. They had acquired such a thirst from marching through the desert to kill him, that by the time they met Hussein on his way to Iraq from Arabia, they were exhausted. How did he treat them?

He gave them and their horses water to drink with his own holy hands.

1300 years ago, it was Hussein who put his cheek on the cheek of his black servant while he was dying in the same way that he put his cheek on the cheek of his son Ali Al Akbar when he was dying.