Why does the procession occur some years on the day of Ashura and others one day before or after the day of Ashura?

While our intention is to have the procession on the day of Ashura, it may not always work out based on constraints imposed on the procession. There have been many reasons over the years for this. In accordance with local, state and federal laws we must notify all relevant authorities about the details of our Procession and this can often mean that we are at their mercy. Such authorities may place limitations on us in many ways. Our intention is to work with all authorities to achieve the best outcome for the procession and meet all our aims and objections.

Another reason is that due to the nature of the Islamic Calendar (a lunar based system) there occurs uncertainty as to the exact Gregorian date of the 10th day of Ashura, and that can cause some time constraints. A Procession of this magnitude takes months to prepare, yet we may only know the date for certain 10 days before it occurs.

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