Who is Hussain?

Imam Hussain was:

  • The Grandson of the Prophet Mohammad.
  • Denied to pay allegiance to the tyrant Umayyad Caliph at the time: Yazid who was falsefully killing and oppressing the innocents in the name of “Islam.”
  • He offered to be exiled but the Caliphate declined and he was encircled in Karbala and faced with a force of 30,000 who killed him along with his companions and all male members of the family including an infant child.
  • The rest of the women and children were humiliated, tortured and taken as captives for thousands of miles to the Palace of Yazid in Damascus.
  • Thus Imām Hussains stance was against terrorism as it existed then and as it has appeared again now.
  • Through this peace procession we strongly condemn and oppose any act of terror in Australia or elsewhere

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