How is the message of Imam Hussain (as) spread through the procession?

There are several ways the message is spread:

  • Flyers that discuss the message of Imam Hussain (as) are handed out to onlookers
  • Attendees often converse with onlookers to discuss why the procession is held, and answer any questions the public have
  • Media are invited and a media statement is distributed to each and every media outlet via fax/email
  • Interviews are conducted before, during and after the procession with media – whether it be radio, TV, online or newspapers.
  • Several banners are displayed during the procession, with the main banner carrying the overarching message we intend to communicate
  • A speech is made at the conclusion of the procession in English to further spread the message to the wider public
  • We refer people to our website for further information – and encourage the wider public to subsbcribe to our facebook page as well

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