Do chants get out of control during the procession?

We use synchronised chants and main speakers in order to partially control the audibility, tone and content of our chants. The Police have always said that our Procession is safe, secure and well organised. They further add that it is the most peaceful Procession that they oversee.

We embrace the diversity of the participants of the procession who span a plethora of rich ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Multi-cultural gathering and people have slight variation in how they practice the remembrance. The majority of the chanting is soft and synchronised. Chest beating will leave memory and will raise questions in people’s minds as to why they do this. This cultural expression of emotion leaves a lasting and deep impression in people’s minds.

Our marshals, all of whom receive training, are co-ordinated so as to maintain peace and order within the crowd. All our marshals wear safety vests and have set tasks to perform. There is a code of conduct and a great amount of training for each group.

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